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    Overview of AR & VR Technologies Training in Chennai

    AR, or Augmented Reality, may be an innovation that overlays computer-generated illustrations, sounds, and other tangible upgrades onto the genuine world in genuine time. AR is frequently utilized in mobile applications, video diversions, and promotion to form an intuitive and immersive encounter for clients.

    The innovation works by using cameras or sensors to distinguish and track objects and surfaces within the genuine world, at that point utilizing computer programs to overlay virtual pictures or data on the beat of them. This makes the dream that virtual objects are a portion of the genuine world and can connect with the environment.

    AR is diverse from Virtual Reality (VR) in that it does not supplant the genuine world in a reenacted environment. Instep, upgrades the genuine world with virtual components, making it more intelligent and locking in.

    AR has numerous commonsense applications, counting instruction, healthcare, design, and retail. For case, AR can be utilized to supply restorative preparation by overlaying virtual life systems onto a physical body. It can moreover be utilized to permit customers to see furniture in their claim homes sometime recently obtained. AR is still a generally modern innovation, and because it propels, it is anticipated to become more predominant in various businesses and divisions.

    Course Overview

    Software And Hardware Stack Used In Our Technologies

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    Course Description

    The technological and experiential design foundation needed to develop immersive environments in present and future virtual, augmented, and mixed reality platforms is covered in this course. The curriculum covers a broad range of literature and practice beginning with the original Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction concepts and progressing through all supporting technologies, such as visual displays for AR, and motion tracking, interactive 3D graphics, immersive audio, user interfaces, games, and experience design.
    Module 1

    Introduction to Immersive Technology
    ● Defining XR
    ● History & Timeline
    ● Spectrum Between Real and Virtual Worlds
    ● Ingredients of an XR Experience
    ● Hardware Components & Concepts

    Module 2

    Introduction to UNITY

    ● Introduction, Package Manager
    ● Assets, Components-Object Creation,Prefabs,Scenes,Layers
    ● Camera Manipulation,Transforms,Anchoring
    ● Create Basic Animation
    ● Scripting, Scriptable Objects, Static Variables
    ● Unity Events, Listeners
    ● Physics,Input,Colliders

    Module 3

    Introduction to AR Core
    ● Setting Up Arcore For Android
    ● Adding Components,Arcamera, Arsession Origin, Arsession
    ● AR plane,Image Tracking,Raycast
    ● Occlusion, Testing in Android

    Module 4

    ● Creating Developer Account and Downloading Vuforia.
    ● Target Manager, Database, Licensing (Vuforia Configuration).
    ● Importing Vuforia Into Unity and Setting Up The Scene, Vuforia Image            Target Behavior.
    ● Adding Gameobject And Setting Constraints, Animation.
    ● MarkerLess AR-Ground Plane Detection, Plane Finder.
    ● Build Scene and Runtime Play.

    Module 5

    Modeling the physical world & 3D Rendering
    ● Basics of Projections
    ● Modeling Tools
    ● Asset creation
    ● Texturing & Rendering
    ● CAD Extensions
    ● Model Export

    Module 6

    Tracking Methodologies for AR
    ● Tracking methods- Visual tracking, feature based tracking, hybrid tracking, and initialisation and recovery.
    ● Introduction to marker-based tracking.
    ● Marker camera pose and identification.
    ● Visual tracking.
    ● Mathematical representation of matrix multiplication
    ● Marker-less approach.
    ● Localization based augmentation.

    Module 7

    UI/UX Design
    ● Getting Setup
    ● Working with UI Buttons
    ● Render Dynamic Text
    ● Animate UI
    ● Canvas Scaler
    ● Customize UI & Editor

    Module 8

    Building to Mobile
    ● Scene testing
    ● Build Settings
    ● USB Debugging
    ● Troubleshooting Android Builds

    Module 9

    Introduction to Github
    ● Downloading and Installation
    ● Creating Repository and Publish
    ● Adding Existing Project to Repository
    ● Demo Project-Git Link


    AR & VR Technologies Course completion makes you eligible for 6 industry-recognized certifications.

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    Course Details

    Rs. 85,000 Rs. 55,000 Fee
    • Duration : 2 months (50 + hours of overall learning)
    • Language : English
    • Training Centre: Anna Nagar
    • Hands-on experience: AR Kit, AR Core, Unity, Unreal Engine, Oculus Quest 2

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